Who We Are

Monash Human Power is a student-led engineering team from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2015 we have been designing, manufacturing, and racing fully-faired human-powered vehicles (HPVs) to push the limits of human speed.

Our Mission

Our team is aiming to break the Australian HPV F200 land speed record of 96.7 km/h, as well as represent Australia at the World Human Powered Vehicle Speed Challenge in Nevada. We take pride in developing industry-ready graduates through our collaborative design and manufacturing process. We believe that HPVs provide a relevant and immersive framework for learning STEM and we use this framework to promote sustainability in schools.

The Competitions

MHP participates in several HPV competitions in Australia and around the world, such as the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. Making something we can all be proud of in Nevada.


Monash Human Power is proud to offer a robust schools program that is tailored to the 'Science as a human endeavour' Level 9 and 10 Science achievement standards of the Victorian Curriculum. We hope to inspire a passion for STEM and sustainability in your students. We also run workshops for schools competing in the Victorian HPV Super Series.

Our Values